Mind quickening gem macro

Forgot your password? By DomzoriJuly 31, in Mage. Neck: Amulet of Vek'nilash.

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Shoulder: Enigma Shoulderpads T2. Back: Cloak of the Devoured. Chest: Enigma Robes T2. Wrist: Rockfury Bracer. Hands: Dark Storm Gauntlets. Waist: Eyestalk Waist Cord. Legs: Leggings of the Black Blizzard.

mind quickening gem macro

Feet: Enigma Boots T2. Ring 1: Ring of the Fallen God. Ring 2: Ritssyn's Ring of Chaos. Trinket 1: Neltharion's Tear. Trinket 2: This varies by fight but for the most part Mind Quickening Gem is by far the best most often. Note this trinket puts other CD based trinkets such as Talisman of Ephemeral Power and Zandalarian Hero Charm on a mini CD of 30 seconds meaning you can not boost your cast speed whilst having the bonus spell power from such trinkets.

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Main Hand: Sharpened Silithid Femur. Off Hand: Royal Scepter of Vek'lor.

Useful macros for mages

The key to this build is the hit gear, other pieces can be replaced based on preference between spell power, pen, or crit but if you lack the high end hit gear you are better off sticking with bloodvine set. Try full t2, cthun cloak, aq40 2h staff, bwl hit ring, cthun ring, tear, mind quickening gem.

Do almost the same damage and be geared much faster. Overall your mana reg in full t2 is better. Fireball 12 does to dmg, average dmg. Bloodvine is amazing and you can get that with just gold, rockfury takes like weeks to farm, T2.

This set of items is relatively easy to get and is very solid and you can pretty much upgrade whatever you want instead of forcing yourself into itemizing to wear full T2. In my experience and apparently in the experience of others check this thread out partial resists still occur on bosses that should have their spell resistances reduced to 0 by curse of elements.

And even if you ignore spell pen entirely T2. I'm sure someone could verify this by wearing as much spell pen as they can get and seeing that the frequency of partial resists remains the same. There's also a macro that shows how much resist as mob has.

So, ignoring spell pen T2. You must consider the fact that a crit will potentially keep a 5 stack ignite rolling and guarantee another ignite tick. From the thread I linked to earlier these are the values in the data base for various bosses spell resistances.

Replace the Enigma shoulders and boots with Rank 10 Pvp shoulders and the rank 7 PvP boots for the true bis list.Lieutenant Commander's Silk Mantle. Sayge's Dark Fortune of Intelligence. Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight. Mish'undare, Circlet of the Mind Flayer. The Restrained Essence of Sapphiron. Formula: Enchant Gloves - Frost Power. Formula: Enchant Gloves - Fire Power. Good PvP short cast ability. Prioritize using wand if the mob is really low HP.

The cast time makes it counter-intuitive but this spell has a great DPM and allows you to regen mana via the 5 second rule, best opener spell. Featherbead Bracers. Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas. Prodigious Shadowshard Pendant. Master Mechanic Castpipe.

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Before answering the question, here is the breakdown of each race's stats at level First and foremost, the Mage isn't a class that "requires" you to play a certain race to be viable in any aspect of the game like Priests does for.

That being said if you are reading this guide, chances are you want to know what's the best race you can pick, here is the list:.

I'm totally aware that most of you don't want to look like a Gnome and prefer playing Human instead despite not having any racials let's be honest. I know it's hard to decide but please avoid flooding. Please stop asking.Forgot your password? Vaelastrasz the Corrupt is the second boss you will encounter in Blackwing Lair, and can be found right inside the entrance.

While Vaelastrasz is mechanically easy, it does present a very tight DPS check. After you kill Vaelastrasz, you will then need to make your way through some trash and the Suppression Room to reach Broodlord Lashlayer.

Vaelastrasz is an incredibly simple fight that comes down to two things: positioning and DPS.

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You will want to start by having the main tank pull the boss facing in one direction. The entire raid should give him enough time to get threat before DPSing.

If you imagine the main tank as being on the 12 o'clock position on a clock, the off tanks should be at the 9 o'clock position next to the boss's back left leg.

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The melee DPS should be at the 3 o'clock position next to the boss's back right leg. The ranged DPS and healers should be directly behind the melee while facing the boss, but still close enough to heal the tank.

Vaelastrasz's most iconic mechanic is that she will give every player in the raid the Essence of the Red debuff. This debuff will give everyone in the raid unlimited resources, meaning infinite Mana, Rage, and Energy. This is an incredibly powerful buff, and you will absolutely need it to make the DPS check that is required.

Your DPS should be prepared for this, and should be ready to spam out their abilities to make use of the unlimited resources. The entire fight is mainly a DPS check, but their is one important mechanic. Every 15 seconds, a random ranged player will get Burning Adrenaline put on them, which gives them a damage buff and lets some of their casts become instant while active.

When they die, they will explode like a bomb, doing massive damage to anyone nearby. The players who get this need to run away from the group into the corner of the room where they can safely attack the boss until they inevitably die. In addition to ranged getting this, the main tank will get this debuff as well every 45 seconds. They need to be healed to stay alive as long as possible, but will also eventually die.

Once they die, one of the off tanks needs to reposition to where the main tank was. The boss is taunt immune as well, so the off-tanks need to make sure that they are keeping up with threat throughout the fight, staying above the DPS. If the boss starts attacking melee DPS and goes out of position, it will be incredibly hard to recover.

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mind quickening gem macro

Thread: [Macros] Mage Macro Guide. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. This is taken from: ma. X Contents 1. The same was true of old automatic NW macros anyway. The second option automatically downranks if you're out of combat. It will reset to Arcane Blast if not pressed for 7 seconds at least enough time for the debuff to begin to fade. More complex scripts can remove the text, but I have not found a way to remove the failure sound.

Regardless, here are two such macros. N Buttons These are a number of macros to instantly activate spell enhancers and cast your attack. You can't use it while running. Well, you can, but you have to click twice. A second press will launch it because you'll already have PoM active when it tests conditions. This is the best approach to this kind of macro, because it's 1 push if standing, 2 if running.So my understanding is that rank 1 spells are quite handy for mages.

Rank 1 is ultra cheap on the mana, and higher rank damage is really poor compared to mana cost increase. The most important thing of course is does your FN break after less damage when you use a lower rank.

The higher ranks do technically deal more damage. It might not be significant, but it is damage. It only has The mana cost at max rank is compared to 45 at the lowest rank, not a huge amount of mana at So in my final analysis I would personally stick with rank 1 for leveling i. I would use max rank in PvP at level 60 for the increased damage, but switching to rank 1 when low on mana.

I would personally prefer to have the extra damage over the lower mana cost except when leveling where saving money is a bigger concernbut others might not care about the extra damage.

In my Vanilla experience PvP encounters tended not to test my mana that much, and if they did I could use a gem or potion or Evocation. Good points. Especially about saving on training costs. Since this is an advanced classic mage discussion. Am I missing something in the macro? It would help if I could also add stopcasting to my mouseover decurse macro and my poly macro if I ever get it to work. Sorry, for the noob questions.

The BEST Mage Items in BWL - Classic WoW PvE

The following will work if you want to use lower ranks of spells just tested it myself. Just replace the spells if you want to use it for something other than Frostbolt. You can do all you rank 1 spells this way if you want, just make a new macro and change the spells to the appropriate ones and unbind the corresponding Action Page keybind.

I found the following decurse macro on reddit. I am not yet a high enough level to decurse, so I cannot test it to see if it works or not.

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Polymorph from the same reddit thread, also untested by me because I need to run off. It should always use the max rank, so no need to update it when you get new ranks. Thanks the shift macro works perfectly. It does exactly what I want it targets my current target or if I want to keep that target and sheep something else I can do it with mouseover without targeting it. I added stopcasting to both macros for convenience. So if there is 1 seconds duration left on blizzard snare, and you hit mobs with CoC to keep them snared…it does nothing.

More powerful snare is still active. Cone snared is ignored. Mobs running around at full speed wrecking your AoE. End game dungeons need a bit of gear before you faceroll AoE through them too…. Frostbite causes your Blizzard ticks to have a random chance to freeze individual mobs. This is not a good thing since the key to AOE-farming with Blizzard is to keep all mobs being farmed in a very tight clump so your Blizzard snares and damages them all simultaneously.Use of GIS has seen unprecedented growth in the last ten years.

With the powerful technology getting cheaper and system memories expanding, meaning that we can handle much bigger sets of data, some say that GIS is in a golden age. It was once the preserve of the cartographer - few outside would have used it or needed it, yet recently GIS has become a core part of modern environmental science degrees.

Geology, climatology, geography, statisticians, archaeology, oceanography, conservation based qualification and most other environmental sciences 1 now offer a module at undergraduate level. In the last five years, most universities have offered masters degrees specifically in GIS, or post-graduate certificates and diplomas with a prerequisite of environmental undergraduate degree.

It is surprising to many that this technology has been around for over fifty years 2 because to people outside of the relevant fields, and to some within fields who are just starting to learn about applications and potential for their work, it is still relatively new and exciting with endless possibilities. GIS is something that will make many jobs easier and faster and allow them to do more things in the same space of time with the click of a button.

No longer are maps the exclusive preserve of the cartographer, now urban and rural developers, medical resource planners, conservation professionals, environment agency staff to track and measure floodplains and the spread of protected species archaeologists and utilities providers are just some of the environmentalist careers that can benefit from digital mapping. Read more about GIS degrees online.

GIS - Geographic Information Systems or Science - is a piece of software that captures geographic data for the purpose of manipulation, viewing and analysis in whichever context and parameters the user desires or needs. It can be used to analyse spatial data or geographic information for any given and possible purpose. Why do we need to know this information? Because everything that happens, happens in our street, in our town or city, our county, region, state, province, country and continent.

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Questions such as:.

Mind Quickening Gem

The potential of GIS is limitless 1 in many of the cases above, particularly for those concerned with resource planning, complex formulas are calculated to ensure the most efficient delivery. Whether you know it or not, your daily life relies heavily on GIS. The questions in the previous section rely heavily on geographic data and it is estimated that the vast majority of data handled by computers these days has and requires specific geographic parameters 5.

Taking the example of the two restaurants as a starting point, they may look at different data sets:. Both may use GIS to find the ideal location and can access any number of websites to collect relevant data for their business plan.

mind quickening gem macro

This information makes it easier to manage what we know and to extrapolate that which is most useful to us based on the widest variety of relevant data 3: p In this respect, GIS is problem solving using geographic means and its co-operative method of sharing pure and unbiased raw data 3: 22 has made it the ideal candidate for everything that affects our environment or how our environment might affect us.

It helps better decision making and as most people prefer visual medium, there is no better visual communication medium than a map 4 so long as you are making it clear what the person is looking at.The same was true of old automatic NW macros anyway. Frostbolt Rank 1 for Kiting Hold alt for the fast casting snare, or cast your maximum rank. Stealth Breaker Arcane Explosion On a normal key press or click, the first macro casts Arcane Explosion maximum rankbut on a right click it uses Rank 1.

The second option automatically downranks if you're out of combat. Castsequence Attack Routine This is a cast sequence designed for mana efficiency - three Scorches and an Arcane Blast. It will reset to Arcane Blast if not pressed for 7 seconds at least enough time for the debuff to begin to fade.

More complex scripts can remove the text, but I have not found a way to remove the failure sound. Regardless, here are two such macros. N Buttons These are a number of macros to instantly activate spell enhancers and cast your attack. Self Expanatory Pet Tricks: the Water Elemental and you. Using normal cast commands has been unreliable for this power.

This particular macro dismisses him and begins your Invisibility fade, so he won't force you into combat unintentionally. Awesome prices, instant delivery.

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